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Anonymous asked: the vampire diaries?

IAN SOMERHALDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, let’s try it. There’s Elena and… Katherine, I guess, who are played by the same actress (hi nina dobrev nice boobs) so I’m gonna assume they’re twins. One is good the other one is bad. I think Elena, Stefan and the other one played by ♥IAN SOMERHALDER♥ are a love triangle but a lot of people ship Stefan with the blonde one (caroline?) although a lot of people say that romanticizing them would destroy their friendship. There are a lot of seasons too but whenever I see gifsets of it on my dash they’re all about nina dobrev’s boobs or elena and ian somerhalder’s character doing /it/, so, to summarize it, I also have no idea what it’s really about. Vampires, dude.

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thebrokenqueen asked: Also, American Horror Story if you're in the mood for more ;))

Great! I watched a few episodes from season 1 but they weren’t many. All three seasons have the same actors but they play different characters - they’re all creepy as hell - and they all take place in different scenarios. Season on in that mansion… I remember people freaked out about that couple whose ship name I don’t remember but the guy’s name was tate, I guess? He was dead the whole time? the girl’s father fantasized about the maid who was actually and old lady… and there was this really creepy black costume they used for… things. Season 2 takes place in an asylum??? There’s an episode where they dance? It doesn’t make sense at all but I remember Adam Levine was a guest actor in the 1st episode and he probs died. Season 3… SURPRISE BITCH IT’S EMMA ROBERTS!!!! jessica lange rules the place but I guess sarah paulson wants to take her *throne* but instead she loses her eyes. Very creepy. It’s confusing I probably got it all wrong lol

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thebrokenqueen asked: Not sure whether you watch any more shows than the ones in your sidebar / tags, but how about... Lost Girl :)

Can you believe I had never heard about this show? I really hope it’s not about an orphan hahahaha 

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Anonymous asked: GAME. OF. THRONES.

That’s a tough one… daeneryehryedhsuai is not a queen, she’s a khaleesi. then there’s sansa and jon snow who knows nothing……. 
I watched the 1st episode and got pretty upset when they killed those little wolves
and I have no fucking idea what this show is about
apparently blonde white guy is dead (i think that old womand killed him) but WELL everybody is dead, including daenhewudhfuyehfueh’s guy that had a tattoo on his face (pretty badass btw) 
lena headey plays… sensei.. sercei… cersei. whatevs. she’s very pretty.
I literally have no idea what it’s about. Thrones.

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Anonymous asked: supernatural

Okay so… I think the plot is about two brothers (Dean and that other guy with the brown hair) going around killing supernatural creatures (?!) and then there’s castiel (ugh misha collins is the nicest guy) and everybody says he’s an angel so I assume he’s dead BUT, apparently, dean still can see him? And people ship dean and castiel = destiel……. Maybe he’s not dead. I don’t know. People love Cas. Nobody talks about the other brother. Dean is a dummy. Supernatural creatures. Deaths. A lot of seasons. And episodes. And storylines.

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Lana Parrilla for Regard Magazine, April 2014.

Lana Parrilla for Regard Magazine, April 2014.

Lana for April’s issue of the Regard Magazine

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