Anonymous asked: Plot twist: your name is March

Nooo, dear, my name is Mayonnaise!!! Light, 0 fat

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One of my favorite things about Regina and Robin is that he won’t touch her unless she allows it. The first time he actually acts and initiates contact is after she kissed him


Ginnifer Goodwin on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Anonymous asked: hey may, i hope you have a wonderful day :)

Thanks, cutie, likewise!!! 

Anonymous asked: I liked you better when you shipped Swan Queen, to be honest.

Thanks for the honesty, but the thing is, I never really shipped swan queen. I’ve always loved and will always love their dynamic (that’s why I gif them constantly), there’s certainly something special about their relationship - I always say that - and, guess what? I also respect every single person who ships them. Because that’s what a normal, civilized person should do; respect other people’s preferences. 

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regina/robin | you bleed, we crawl like animals

- “Red apples are so sickly-sweet, don’t you think? People tend to like something… a little sharper.”
- “And green apples are just… bitter.”

Once Upon a Smile

Hello, my name is May! I don't think I ever loved a fictional character as much as I love Regina Mills. That's all.

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“Pick hope over anger.
Choose love."

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